Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11 months

Well i picked up my 11 month chip on Sunday. It really made my feel kind of sad, every month for the last 11 months i have had something to look forward to. Now i have one more for a year then it's another 525,600 min. until my next one. I know i should be thinking more positive and live for today but this thought popped into my head. I know with this program it teaches you to crawl then walk and finally run. But damn it i really like picking up chips every month, it's nothing to drink over or lose sleep about but it still bugs me. For the life of me this has been on my mind since Sunday afternoon and it won't go away. I feel better about it today as i inch closer to one year.

School has finally started so the wife is back to work and my little man was off to his first day of preschool. They all ways call on their way to the babysitters (why are they called baby sitter how about munchkin sitters or very young adult sitters some thing cooler then baby sitters sorry just a little rant) and she said he had a hard morning. He was scared to go, now he went to a preschool last year but he was also there for three years in their other programs. A new school this year had him all worked up and sad. So i left work for a while and meet the very young adult sitter at his class and walked him in. Boy that little guy has a very strong bear hug and he would not let go. I talked to him for a little while and then the teacher came over, he was wearing his Broncos Jay (the cry baby) Cutler jersey. She started to talk football with him and then like a little switch went on in his head that this was going to be OK. My wife called a few hours later to say he was having a great day.
Well that's about all that is going on here i hope all is well with you folks out there.


Shadow said...

11 months!!!!!! congratulations! i am so very happy for you and your family too.

Syd said...

Congrats on getting the 11 month chip. It is always one day at a time. Carrying a chip is a good reminder. Glad that your son is doing well.

Banana Girl said...

RC, You can always volunteer to give out chips every day and that way you can pass on to others the feelings that you are claiming you will miss. Remember, the first year in AA is for you, the second is for AA. Service is the key so find a position where you can give back. It is better than any chip. J