Sunday, April 19, 2009

i need to get back here

Well it has been awhile ...again. Damn i need one more hour in the day. Seven months will be this Thursday, i am so proud of me not for staying sober. For becoming the man i should of always been, being sober was just the first step. Well chairing my first meeting was fun, my topic was that AA is not just about getting sober it is a life style change. A way for a better life, a life that can be positive for me and all arounf it. I was a little worried that no one would want to talk about this topic. When i finished and opened up the meeting, it was on so many people spoke and shared it was great. so i'm chairing another one in two weeks. Everything in my life is going very well, still working the steps. Still moving forward and working out three times a week(i wish it was more but family time is really important). Things are going well, i will catch up with all of you. I just need that one more hour. Hey look a whole post without typing how many days.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well today I'm chairing my first meeting. I'm not nerves or anything, the meeting starts at 6:45 am and i woke up at 4 in the morning. My wife and i had a date night last night and it was so very nice. We went to Boulder and went for a hike and worked around pearl street. Then went to a very good restaurant called Himalayas for ethnic food from Napall. It was a great night, it will be nice to pick up our little man this morning but it was also nice to have a night without him just the two of us.

Monday, April 6, 2009

195 days

I need to come up with some new titles for my posts. Just putting up numbers sounds more like time in jail, then a new life. 9 freaking days since i was here last what the hell. I'm starting to get my new schedule down now that my wife and i are back together. I of course wanted to spend most of my time with her and our son. She said keep doing the things that got you here (and of course she was right. Not to go off subject here but why are women right more often then men. I know we are wired different but what the hell?) I started seeing my sponsor twice a week back to hitting my morning meeting twice a week and I do feel a lot better. I'm chairing my first meeting on Saturday a little nervous about it but whats the worst i can do. Have a quiet room where only the crickets talk (maybe they have something to say and we are to busy talking over them). I am in a little bit of a goofy mood tonight and my A.D.D is really kicking in, ohhh whats that shiny thing over there? But I'm kind of nervous about Saturday so it goes, i will do fine. There have been a lot of good things going on right now our son is FINALLY using the potty for number 1 and 2. Probably too much info but that makes me very happy. We have been talking very open and honest and very real with our feelings and needs. Something we have never really done in our marriage. Maybe I was too busy pounding beers to hear her, ok i was too busy pounding beers to hear her. I forgot (in my beer haze)how passionate she is about her job, life, goals and how much she cares about us boys in her life. I also forgot how funny she is and how beautiful she looks when she is smiling.

A quick gratitude list about my wife.
1. Her love for me and our son
2. Her love for life
3. Her laugh
4. her long arms holding me at night
5. The way she knows how to make everything feel right
6. The way she lights up a room
7. Finally cooking together and trying new things and new foods
8. Being at home with us boys